Social Security Champion Mark Begich Will Fight for Alaska’s Seniors

During Mark Begich’s six years in the United States Senate, he was a top advocate for our nation’s over 65 million Social Security beneficiaries. That is why he was the first ever recipient of the Social Security Works champion award back in 2014. Begich fought to protect and expand, never cut, Social Security’s earned benefits. As governor of Alaska, he will fight just as hard for Alaska’s seniors.

Begich was the sponsor of the Protecting and Preserving Social Security Act, which would increase Social Security’s modest benefits as well as change the cost of living formula so that yearly adjustments keep up with the real costs seniors face. It would pay for these benefit increases by lift the cap on Social Security payroll contributions so that everyone, including the wealthiest Americans, pays in at the same rate.

These days, expanding Social Security is the official position of the Democratic Party. The Expand Social Security Caucus includes Representatives and Senators from across the party’s ideological spectrum. But that was not yet the case when Begich was in Congress. He was one of the earliest champions of expanding, never cutting, Social Security’s modest benefits. 

Now, Begich is running for governor of Alaska on a platform of fighting for seniors, including helping older Alaskans and their caregivers by creating an inclusive family leave policy. My organization, Social Security Works PAC, is largely focused on federal races. But we are making an exception for Begich because he is an extraordinary candidate and a steadfast champion for seniors. We enthusiastically endorse Mark Begich for governor of Alaska.

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Jon "Bowzer" Bauman

Jon Bauman, best known as "Bowzer," formerly of Sha Na Na, is also an activist in both electoral politics and public policy. He is the President of Social Security Works PAC, which focuses on senior issues. Jon did 35 endorsement events for his previous PAC, Senior Votes Count, in 2014, traveling from Alaska to Florida and points between. In 2016, he did 20 PAC endorsements while also working on the Clinton campaign. He's worked on the Obama and Kerry presidential campaigns, almost every recent special election for Congress, No on Issue 2 in Ohio, and the Wisconsin recalls. He has successfully lobbied for his "Truth In Music" law, eliminating impostor musical groups, in 34 states and has spearheaded that law's successful enforcement. Jon also continues to perform nationwide as "Bowzer's Rock 'n' Doo-Wop Party."

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