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Rep. John Larson: Social Security is an Earned Benefit, NOT an Entitlement

Rep. John Larson Destroys Social Security Myths

Stay Updated, LIKE @Social Security WorksRep John Larson has constantly fought to expand and protect Social Security. Whether it was defending Social Security when Republicans failed to pass the balanced budget amendment in the house or introducing and leading the effort on the Social Security 2100 Act, we can always count on him to fight for us.

Posted by Social Security Works on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Remarks from Rep. John Larson (D-CT) Before the Vote on the So-Called Balanced Budget Amendment: 

What a profile in lack of courage is today exhibited in the House of Representatives. But it does give us an opportunity, however limited the time is, to expose a lot of the myths like this notion that the other side continues to perpetuate that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements.

Newsflash! It’s insurance that the American people have paid for.

Newsflash! 10,000 Baby Boomers a day become eligible for Social Security.

Newsflash! The average woman in this country, when she retires, gets $14,00 annually from Social Security and for more than half of them, that’s all they have to live on.

And yet these bastions of courage on the other side would like to cut these programs! Not by coming to the floor of the House of Representatives and having a vote on it. Not by having a discussion in a committee or even the semblance of a hearing, but somehow, as Mr. Neal said, with a mask on. They decide that they’re going to introduce an amendment where they’ll never, ever, have to vote on what their constituents actually have to face day in and day out.

These are American citizens who have paid through an insurance program, not an entitlement! It’s called FICA. The federal insurance contribution act. Whose contribution? The American people’s contribution.

If you want to vote to take it away, have the courage to bring up a bill and vote on it!

How about we increase the benefits for the people of this country who need it?

For more on this harmful amendment, read Rep. Larson’s press release.


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