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Sen. Sherrod Brown exposes Ivanka’s fake ‘paid leave’ plan

It's really an attack on Social Security

Sen. Sherrod Brown exposes Ivanka's fake 'paid leave' plan

Stay Updated, LIKE Social Security WorksThank you Senator Sherrod Brown for exposing Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio's fake 'paid leave' scheme for what it really is – an attack on Social Security. Real paid leave does not make people sacrifice their retirement security.

Posted by Social Security Works on Wednesday, July 11, 2018

“Using retirement security to fund paid time off from work when you have a child is not paid family leave at all. It’s robbing from your retirement to be able to care for loved ones now.

Low-wage workers in physically demanding jobs. are more likely to be forced into early retirement because of the toll these jobs take on their bodies. That already means taking a Social Security cut and this pan would only make that cut bigger.

In an opinion piece for The Federalist, the president of the Independent Women’s Forum [Carrie Lukas], the group that first put forward this idea, wrote that she views the plan as the first step to, quote ‘transform the current pay-as-you-go system into one that pre-funds future benefits and with assets that below to individuals.’ Unquote.

In other words, some of the people pushing this plan view it as the beginning of the process of dismantling Social Security as we know it.” – Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

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